… a visionary global people project initiated by Italian-German artist duo VestAndPage in 2010.

… more than 750 artists from 63 countries collaborating for one of the most elaborate work of collective performance art ever attempted.

… a global collective experience, in which one fragile object is traveling around the globe, carried personally from hand to hand, from artist to artist.

… an art initiative that shows that it takes patience and collaboration to make a vision turn reality.

… open, flexible, sometimes requiring patience, many times surprising.

… a way for artists around the world to connect and share, including but explicitely beyond virtual medias.

… a sharing of artistic investigations by artists from different backgrounds and cultures about nowadays fragility.

… an artistic experiment with a final goal that might never be reached (though that wouldn’t change the intensity of the process of the project.)

… questioning the ideas of time and distances of a journey.

… a firstly and mainly human process, requiring responsiblity and gentleness from the ones in hold of the object, just as understanding, respect, trust and patience between people that have never met each other before.

… requiring commitment and dedication to a vision.

FRAGILE is not…

… 100% planable and predictable.

… judging, selective, exclusive, competitive.

… underlying a fixed time schedule, though following a designed global travel itinerary.

… for the impatient ones. Many times it will be as Hermann Hesse said – some times the most important distances are being made on standstill.

​… always easy to follow, though we at FRAGILE give our best to update our followers regularly.

… an obligation, stress or burden to anyone involved. We at FRAGILE wish the project to be joyful and enriching for everybody involved.

… a battle against time, or a journey around the world in eighty days.

… another Guinness World Record.

The initiative is supported by and made possible through a global network of artists, organizations, foundations and cultural institutions.

This blog, and our social media are dedicated to the DOCUMENTATION of the art works realized by international artist with the one and same traveling fragile object.

On the ring below you can follow the object’s CURRENT COUNTRY POSITION on its travel around the globe.

Here you can see all participants listed in relation to their country, as well as the GLOBAL ITINERARY of the journey.

Still want to know more? Visit the Frequently Asked Questions.